Tools for Retirement Planning


This page provides a number of tools to assist you in planning for your retirement. In all cases, please always consult a financial adviser.

Retirement Worksheets

Retirement Income Worksheets

There are a number of  worksheets that can help you estimate your total monthly income in retirement. Try one of these three worksheets offered by various institutions and follow the links to help determine whether your retirement income will meet your needs.

Vanguard – Retirement Expense Worksheet

RBC – Retirement Income Worksheet

Sun Life – Retirement Savings Calculator

Pension Calculator

Pension Calculator

If you would like to calculate an estimate of your retirement income should you choose to purchase a life annuity with your ELCIC pension account, this button will lead you to a simple calculator.

You will need your latest ELCIC Pension Statement for some of the information that is required for input.  You will also have to make some assumptions.  With this calculator you can try different scenarios and see how that might affect your retirement income.
PX Tool - Pack Pension Calculator

The Government of Canada also has a Basic Pension Calculator for you to try.