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Policy adopted by NCC July 2016

Effective January 1, 2017

Legislation amending this plan took affect Dec 3, 2017

Parental Leave – supplemental pay income benefit

This policy describes the supplemental income benefit for eligible plan members in the ELCIC. The policy was developed to demonstrate ELCIC’s commitment to support families with young children and to share those costs equally among all employers in the ELCIC.


Employer:          An organization that has signed a subscription agreement for the ELCIC Group Benefits plan administered by ELCIC Group Services Inc. “GSI”.

Member:            An eligible employee who is enrolled as a plan member in the ELCIC Group Benefits plan.

Eligible Member:  A member who has applied for and is in receipt of employment insurance maternity and parental benefits.

Salary Basis:       Cash compensation including gross salary and housing allowance and housing equity

Leave:               Maternity or pregnancy or parental leave as defined in the employment standards legislation in the jurisdiction of residence.

Benefit:           Supplemental income of 30% over 12 months or 20% over 18 months, coinciding with the employment insurance option selected of pre-leave Salary Basis net of employment earnings if working part-time while on leave. During the employment insurance waiting period the Salary Basis replacement will be 85% of pre-leave Salary Basis.


Employers shall allow their employees Leave in accordance with the applicable employment standards legislation in their jurisdiction.

Eligible Members will receive the supplemental income benefit upon reporting confirmation and details of receipt of employment insurance maternity and/or parental benefits.

Matters regarding the qualifying period, length of leave and required notice, shall be governed by the employment legislation in the applicable jurisdiction.

ELCIC Pension and Group Benefits administered by GSI will continue during Leave as per those respective policies.

Professional expenses for Rostered employees such as car, book and education allowances will be suspended during Leave.

An Eligible Member who receives supplemental income benefits is expected to return to work for a period of at least 6 months after the end of the Leave.

General Provisions

Leave granted under this policy will be counted as service for purposes of salary calculations, length of employment, seniority and other such rights, obligations and benefits as provided by the Provincial Standards.

Please note that the recitation of the Provincial Standards or any applicable federal legislation, such as the Employment Insurance provisions, are for information only. Anyone wishing to know more about these matters is encouraged to review the Provincial Standards and any applicable federal legislation to determine their rights and obligations.

If any part or parts of this policy contravene the Provincial Standards or any applicable federal legislation, the minimum standard required by applicable Provincial Standards or federal legislation shall apply.


The Employer must complete the applicable form and provide evidence of supplemental payments in respect of the Benefit. GSI will reimburse the employer this amount.