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Life Events – what you need to know

“Life events” such as a new Call, getting married or becoming sick or disabled may affect plan member benefits.

It is very important that changes are communicated to GSI by both employers and plan members.

Life Events - Information for Employers

Life Events - Information for Plan Members

Forms for Life Events


These forms are to be completed by the plan members when life circumstances change. Please complete the form, return it to GSI, and confirm that it has been received to ensure the information has been updated.

For a change to your marital statusChange in Marital Status

To update your life insurance beneficiaryLife Beneficiary Designation form

To update your pension beneficiary  – ELCIC Pension Plan Beneficiary Designation form

To apply for the supplemental pay while on maternity and/or parental leave please complete this form – Parental Leave Form

To apply for short-term disability, please contact the GSI office.