How to Access travel coverage

Your Manulife Financial Card lists the toll free numbers to call in case of an emergency, while travelling outside your province or Canada. The toll free number will put you in touch with the international travel assistance organization.

Your Manulife Financial Card also lists your member certificate number and the plan contract number, which the travel assistance organization needs to confirm that you are covered by ManuAssist through Manulife Financial.

Travel Health

coverage provided by Manulife Financial and Allianz Global Assistance

Emergency Travel Assistance is a travel assistance program available for you and your insured dependents. The assistance services are delivered through an international organization, specializing in travel assistance.

Be prepared for emergency situations before you leave for your trip and have a look at Manulife’s Travel Assistance Information

Coverage limits for Travel (Out-of-Province and Out-of-Country)


Charges listed below incurred outside the province of residence or outside Canada will be payable, less the amount payable by the Provincial Plan.

100% of expenses to a lifetime maximum of CDN $5,000,000

Note: Medical Referral Coverage has a separate maximum within this overall amount and also there are a few other benefits within the Medical Emergency section that have separate limits.

Charges payable  on a reasonable and customary basis under this benefit include:

  • Physician’s services;
  • hospital room and board at standard ward rates;
  • hospital charges for out-patient treatment;
  • the cost of special hospital services;
  • hospital charges for out-patient treatment;
  • licensed ambulance services, including air ambulance, to transfer the patient to the nearest medical facility or hospital where adequate treatment is available;
  • medical evacuation for admission to a hospital or medical facility in the province where the patient normally resides.

Charges incurred outside the province of residence or Canada for all other Covered Extended Health Care Expenses are payable on the same basis as if they were incurred in the insured person’s province of residence.

If you have an existing medical condition, please read the section on Manulife’s Stability Clause.

Charges under this benefit can be for a Medical Referral or a Medical Emergency.

Medical Referral

Coverage: 50% of expenses to a maximum of CDN $3,000 every 3 calendar years.

Coverage is provided for referral outside Canada for medical treatment which is available in Canada. For this coverage Manulife:

  1. requires that it be recommended as necessary by a Physician practicing in Canada, and
  2. suggests that a detailed treatment plan be submitted with cost estimates before treatment begins.

If, while outside Canada on referral for medical treatment, the insured person requires treatment for a medical condition, which is related directly or indirectly to the referral treatment, the total expenses payable for all treatment are subject to the Referral outside Canada maximum (indicated above).

Medical Emergency

This benefit is for treatment required as a result of a Medical Emergency arising during the first 60 days outside your province of residence, provided that you or your dependent receiving the treatment is also covered by the Provincial Plan during the absence from the province of residence.

A Medical Emergency occurs when you or your dependent requires immediate medical attention while travelling outside your province of residence due or related to:

  1. a sudden, unexpected injury which occurs or a new medical condition which begins while you or your dependent are travelling outside your province of residence or Canada; or
  2. a previously identified medical condition that was Stable, but not diagnosed as terminal or prescribed for palliative care, at the time of departure from your province of residence or Canada.

Please see the section labelled Manulife Stability Clause for more information.

Such Medical Emergency no longer exists when, in the opinion of the attending physician and supporting medical evidence, the insured person is able to return to the province of residence.

No coverage is provided for any Medical Emergency related to a pregnancy for insured persons who are pregnant and travelling within  4 weeks of the due date.

If you have a previously identified medical condition (whether or not you have been diagnosed), please review this section on the definition of Stable.

Manulife Stability Clause

Stable means in the  90 days before departure, the insured person has not:

  • been under treatment or evaluation for new symptoms or conditions uncovered in a medical  examination;
  • experienced a worsening or increased frequency of existing symptoms or examination findings related to the medical condition, disease or illness – diagnosed or undiagnosed if the insured person has been seen by a medical professional in relation to the symptoms, or of any existing symptoms;
  • been prescribed or recommended a change in treatment or medication related to the medical condition by a physician or other medical professional, not including regular changes in medication that are made as part of an ongoing treatment or a reduction in medication due ot an improvement in the medical condition, or
  • been admitted to or treated at a hospital for the medical condition, or.

Coverage is not available if you (or your dependent) have scheduled non-routine tests, investigations or new treatment planned for a previously identified medical condition or future medical appointment planned with respect to an undiagnosed medical condition.

The following services are provided, when required as a result of a medical emergency which occurs during the first 60 days while travelling outside your province of residence or Canada.

Medical Assistance

a) 24-Hour Access

Multilingual assistance is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, through telephone (toll-free or call collect), telex or fax.

b) Medical Referral

Referral to the nearest Physician, Dentist, pharmacist or appropriate medical facility, and verification of insurance coverage, is provided.

c) Claims Payment Service

If a hospital or other provider of medical services requires a deposit or payment in full for services rendered, and the expenses exceed $200 (Canadian), payment of such expenses will be arranged and claims co-ordinated on behalf of the insured person.

Payment and co-ordination of expenses will take into account the coverage that the insured person is eligible for under a Provincial Plan and this benefit. If such payments are subsequently determined to be in excess of the amount of benefits to which the insured person is entitled, Manulife Financial shall have the right to recover the excess amount by assignment of Provincial Plan benefits and/or refund from you.

d) Medical Care Monitoring

Medical care and services rendered to the insured person will be monitored by medical staff who will maintain contact, as frequently as necessary, with the insured person, the attending Physician, the insured person’s personal Physician and family.

e) Medical Transportation

If medically necessary, arrangements will be made to transfer an insured person to and from the nearest medical facility or to a medical facility in the insured person’s province of residence. Expenses incurred for the medical transportation will be paid, as described under Medical Services and Supplies – Ambulance. If medically necessary for a qualified medical attendant to accompany the insured person, expenses incurred for round-trip transportation will be paid.

f) Return of Dependent Children

If Dependent Children are left unattended due to the hospitalization of an insured person, arrangements will be made to return the children to their home. The extra costs over and above any allowance available under pre-paid travel arrangements will be paid.

If necessary for a qualified escort to accompany the Dependent Children, expenses incurred for round-trip transportation will be paid.

g) Trip Interruption/Delay

If a trip is interrupted or delayed due to an illness or injury of an insured person, one-way economy transportation will be arranged to enable each insured person and a Travelling Companion (if applicable) to rejoin the trip or return home. Expenses incurred, over and above any allowance available under pre-paid travel arrangements will be paid.

A Travelling Companion is any one person travelling with the insured person, and whose fare for transportation and accommodation was pre-paid at the same time as the insured person’s fare.

If the insured person chooses to rejoin the trip, further expenses incurred which are related directly or indirectly to the same illness or injury, will not be paid.

h) After Hospital Convalescence

If an insured person is unable to travel due to medical reasons following discharge from a hospital, expenses incurred for meals and accommodation after the originally scheduled departure date will be paid, subject to the maximum of this provision.

i) Visit of Family Member

Expenses incurred for round-trip economy transportation will be paid for an Immediate Family Member to visit an insured person who, while travelling alone, becomes hospitalized and is expected to be hospitalized for longer than 7 days. The visit must be approved in advance by Manulife Financial.

j) Vehicle Return

If an insured person is unable to operate his owned or rented vehicle due to illness, injury or death, expenses incurred for a commercial agency to return the vehicle to the insured person’s home or nearest appropriate rental agency will be paid, up to a maximum of $1,000 (Canadian).

k) Identification of Deceased

If an insured person dies while travelling alone, expenses incurred for round-trip economy transportation will be paid for an immediate family member to travel, if necessary, to identify the deceased prior to release of the body.

l) Meals and Accommodation

Under the circumstances described in parts f), g), h), i), and k) of this provision, expenses incurred for meals and accommodation will be paid, subject to a combined maximum of $2,000 (Canadian) per medical emergency.

Non-medical Assistance

a) Return of Deceased to Province of Residence

In the event of the death of an insured person, the necessary authorizations will be obtained and arrangements made for the return of the deceased to his province of residence. Expenses incurred for the preparation and transportation of the body will be paid, up to a maximum of $5,000 (Canadian). Expenses related to the burial, such as a casket or an urn, will not be paid.

b) Lost Document and Ticket Replacement

Assistance in contacting the local authorities is provided, to help an insured person in replacing lost or stolen passports, visas, tickets or other travel documents.

c) Legal Referral

Referral to a local legal advisor, and if necessary, arrangement for cash advances from the insured person’s credit cards, family or friends, is provided.

d) Interpretation Service

Telephone interpretation service in most major languages is provided.

e) Message Service

Telephone message service is provided for messages to or from family, friends or business associates. Messages will be held for up to 15 days.

f) Pre-trip Assistance Service

Up-to-date information is provided on passport and visa, vaccination and inoculation requirements for the country where the insured person plans to travel.


Manulife Financial, and the company contracted by Manulife Financial to provide the travel assistance services described in this benefit, will not be responsible for the availability, quality, or results of any medical treatment, or the failure of an insured person to obtain medical treatment or emergency assistance services for any reason.

Emergency assistance services may not be available in all countries due to conditions such as war, political unrest or other circumstances which interfere with or prevent the provision of any services.

Also see what the plan does not cover under the general extended health coverages.